One of the first things my business clients ask me when they contact me about their first corporate portrait is 'what should I wear?' A reasonable question as most people have no idea what is involved in a corporate photo session, so here I'll try and expand on some basic ideas to get the most out of our time together.

The main thing I would suggest is to wear something that you are comfortable in and that suits your brand. If you usually wear a suit to work then that's a good place to start for your portrait. If you have a more casually attired company then keep that look for your photo shoot. When we are creating your corporate portrait we are giving people their first insight into your company, therefore it makes sense that the photo they see on your website and social media is an accurate reflection of what they will see when they visit your company.

In terms of colours to wear, I'd opt for single colour garments. The emphasis in a corporate portrait, or any portrait for that matter, is on the subject. We should be drawing attention to your face, therefore having a multi-coloured shirt or top on can distract from you. Another potential (but not always) distraction can be a white top/shirt. The brightness of a white top can take the viewers focus away from you. We don't want that, we want people to look at your face and decide 'This is a person I can do business with'. Keep it simple.

Another consideration is; what are your brand colours? Is the dominant colour on your website blue or red, is the photo is being used in a catalogue, if so what is the dominant colours on the literature? It can be a good idea to match your clothing choices to the colours on your website. They don't have to be the same colour, they can be complimentary colours, I can work with you before the shoot to give you guidance and help figure these things out.

That brings us up to the day of the shoot. I will come to your business and conduct the photo shoot there. This saves you time from having to travel to a studio, I know your busy, running a business is stressful enough without me adding to it. This also allows us to take some environmental photos, that is, photos of you (and possibly your team) in your work environment.

Generally a photo session can last from 30 minutes to several hours depending on how many people need to be photographed. As a general rule you should expect the session to take 30 minutes for the first person and 15-20 minutes for each subsequent person. It often takes less time but when planning your schedule you should keep these timeframes in mind.

If you're interested in getting or updating your corporate portrait then please contact me, there's a link at the top of the page. If you're still unsure and would like some more information then drop me a line and I'll do my best to help.

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